Pre-Press for Books

With the easy access we have today to products like Adobe's Creative Suite, everyone can be a designer, right? Well, not quite. I'm ready to meet you somewhere between your creative ideas and your printer or publisher. My background in pre-press at a commercial book printer gives me the know-how to bridge the gap between an author's layout draft and a professional outcome.

Case Study 1: Pre-Press for a Publishing House

Leah is the creator of Dharma Comics, a feel-good webcomic with a huge following. She came to me for help getting her folder full of comic graphics into a professional book layout that her publisher, Penguin Random House, could work with. Leah had the layout and pagination all planned, and I took her plans and make them into print-ready PDFs. Check out her popular book on Amazon.

Leah says: "I had an absolutely perfect experience working with Julie, and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat for any other design project. She made me feel so taken care of and everything was done perfectly and ahead of time."

prepress cover design.jpg

Case Study 2: Pre-Press for a Self-Publisher

DeShawn is a make-up artist with a bold and distinct style. She started creating her own book layout to self-publish through Blurb, but started to realize that she needed professional help to bring her project to the finish line. I took her InDesign files and created master pages and styles in InDesign to give the book a more consistent and professional look. She and I worked together to bring her beautiful book to her fans.

Deshawn says: "Julie was a God-Send. She not only fixed my design problems; she enhanced my entire book project. I am so thrilled with how it all turned out, and so are my readers. My book could not have been done successfully without Julie. Anyone who hires will be extremely happy with the results. Julie is patient and communicates quickly." And an update, three years later: "OMG!!! I SO OWE YOU....! My book has been sold all over the world! It has been doing very well and it's all word of mouth!"