Book Covers

The cover design journey has three main steps:

  1. Cover Conceptualization
  2. Cover Layout & Design
  3. Cover Production

Publishers and authors come to me at all stages of their cover design journey. No matter which stage you're at in the journey toward publishing your book, I'm happy to help your dreams come to life in one of print's most classic but exciting formats!


Stage 1: Cover Conceptualization

What is the right look for your cover? The answer to this question is always different. I skim the author's manuscript or read the synopsis provided, and create a list of key themes. From that list, I create thumbnail sketches for how those themes might best be conveyed graphically. I also look at the covers of other books in your particular market, and research which colours, styles or graphic elements might best reach your intended audience.


Sometimes the concept or visuals for the cover have already been determined before the project reaches me. In that case, I take the ideas and graphics that have been provided by the client, and proceed directly to layout and design.

christian book cover designer 2.jpg

Stage 2: Cover Layout and Design

With the background research done and the concept established, we reach the stage that everyone thinks of when they think of cover design. Depending on what we have discussed, I present the client with several extremely different front cover design options, or 2-3 variations on one front cover concept or theme. The client returns with any final tweaks or change requests that might be needed to his favourite cover design. 

business book cover design.jpg

Stage 3: Cover Production

Once your front cover is finalized, the project moves into the cover production phase. I take the look from the front cover and specs from the printer or publisher, and create a matching back cover and spine. The printer needs print-ready PDFs, but the cover may also be needed in a variety of other formats, for softcover, hardcover, or ebook - these are also produced in this final stage of the book cover process.